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Physical Education (PHED)

Physical Education Activity

All PHED 100-level offerings are activity classes/intercollegiate sports and are offered for S/U credit. A student may count no more than four credits for participation experiences towards graduation that are credited S/U.

One and two credit hour PHED activity courses are offered for 14 weeks during the 1st and 2nd semester. Seasonal sport activities are offered for 7 weeks each quarter for 1/2 credit. 

PHED 100 - Special Topics in Physical Education. (0.5-2 Credit Hours)

Special topics in Physical Education.

PHED 105 - Learn to Swim and Dive (1 Credit Hour)

This class is designed for the student who wants to learn, firsthand, the benefits and methods of aquatic conditioning. After completing this course, the participant will have the knowledge necessary to organize a personal conditioning program for lifetime fitness. The student should have a basic skill level in swimming.

PHED 106 - Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (1 Credit Hour)

In this course, students will be introduced to the core practices of mindfulness meditation for stress reduction. Each week, new meditation practices will be taught and discussed during class time. Students are expected to practice outside of class time regularly and to log and reflect on their meditation practices. The type of secular mindfulness meditation practices taught in this class have been selected because they have been established as effective methods for reducing stress and improving a range of physical and mental health outcomes. The goal of the course is for students to develop the ability to independently practice mindfulness meditation for the purpose of stress reduction and personal health promotion.

PHED 120 - Golf (0.5 Credit Hours)

For players on every level. An introduction to the techniques and rules required for participation in the sport of golf.

PHED 131 - Racquet Sport (1 Credit Hour)

This class will involve the three sports of tennis, racquetball and squash. The primary focus will be on tennis for the first half of the semester, and then racquetball and squash for the second half. During an inclement weather day, the outdoor tennis instruction may be changed to indoor squash or racquetball.

PHED 133 - Badminton (1 Credit Hour)

Learn, understand and execute the rules and techniques of Badminton.

PHED 160 - Lifetime Fitness (1 Credit Hour)

This course will provide the students with exposure to various fitness activities and lifetime sports. Activities will be determined by the instructor of the course but could include strength training, hiking, aerobic fitness, basketball, soccer, floor hockey, etc.

PHED 161 - Strength Training (1 Credit Hour)

Students will learn and practice the principles of progressive resistance exercise, with an emphasis on safety factors; warm-up and stretching; selection of exercises and equipment; and the variation of sets and repetitions performed. Nutrition as it relates to strength training will also be covered.

PHED 162 - Self-Defense for Women (1 Credit Hour)

This is an empowered self-defense course that will equip participants with verbal and physical skills to defend themselves in a variety of situations. The class combines emotional, mental and physical strategies that address situations ranging from street and job harassment, dating abuse, threats and harassment, conflicts with acquaintances and sexual assault. Based on empowerment principles of choice, context, systems of abuse, intersectionality and identity, students will learn how to manage their adrenaline, respond to threat and fear, and ground themselves in times of stress with simple easy to learn techniques. These skills are practical for everyday situations.

Crosslisting: WGST 162.

PHED 163 - Indoor Cycling (0.5 Credit Hours)

For individuals of any fitness level. Students will participate in a high intensity aerobic exercise program using a stationary bicycle. This instructor led fitness program will focus on cycle based goals such as intervals, strength, endurance and recovery. Participants can use indoor cycling to improve overall fitness, set and achieve heart rate goals, or train for a cycling competition.

PHED 166 - Introduction to Taekwondo (2 Credit Hours)

This is a basic level self-defense course in which students will learn the fundamental kicking and punching skills of Taekwondo. A large portion of the class will involve conditioning. Associated course fees may apply.

PHED 167 - Intermediate Taekwondo (2 Credit Hours)

This course is a continuation of the beginner/introductory class (must have taken PHED 166 or be an orange belt). Students will be exposed to new material, which includes new kicks and blocks specific for the next two belt levels. Students will start sparring which involves putting on gear and making light contact with a partner as each student comes up with his or her own combinations and attacks. Students will be tested on the material at the end of each quarter, and will receive a new belt if they pass. Associated course fees may apply.

PHED 168 - Strength Training for Athletic Performance (0.5 Credit Hours)

This course is designed to accommodate experienced lifters with the desire to learn and apply advanced training methodologies. Students will be able to apply a variety of effective resistance training principles to their personal strength training program. The student will become efficient at predominantly free weight and bodyweight exercises including Olympic style weightlifting, traditional power lifting, and strongman event type training. This course is intended for any intercollegiate, intramural or recreational athlete interested in increasing athletic performance and decreasing the chance of injury through an integrated performance enhancement training system. The first objective is to increase the student's chances of having success on the field or court.

PHED 171 - Run for Your Life (1 Credit Hour)

This class is designed for the student who wants to prepare for an endurance race. Students learn how to train properly and effectively. Topics covered during the course are: equipment, hydration, stretching, cross-training, speedwork and injury prevention. After completing this course the participant will have the opportunity to run in a 5K, 10K or half marathon.

PHED 172 - First Aid and CPR (1 Credit Hour)

It is expected that students will master the techniques and skills that are associated with the primary and secondary injury survey, immediate care, basic life support, and injury stabilization. Students who master the standards will receive American Red Cross certification in first aid and CPR. Students who expect to major in athletic training must complete the CPR for the professional rescuer prior to the conclusion of their first-year. (Offered fall and spring semesters)

PHED 173 - Varsity Fencing - Women (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 175 - Introduction to Yoga (2 Credit Hours)

This course is designed for students who are interested in deepening their understanding of the science of yoga. Lecture and discussion will include the history, philosophy and practice of classical yoga and its overall health benefits. In-class postures, breathing and relaxation techniques will be explored in order to provide a personal experience of this ancient healing practice.

PHED 176 - Varsity Squash - Men (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 177 - Varsity Squash - Women (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 178 - Varsity Golf (Women) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 179 - Varsity Cross Country (Women's) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 180 - Varsity Baseball (Men) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 181 - Varsity Basketball (Men) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 182 - Varsity Cross Country (Men) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 183 - Varsity Football (Men) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 184 - Varsity Golf (Men) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 185 - Varsity Lacrosse (Men) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 186 - Varsity Soccer (Men) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 187 - Varsity Swimming & Diving (Men) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 188 - Varsity Tennis (Men) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 189 - Varsity Indoor/Outdoor Track (Men) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 190 - Varsity Basketball (Women) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 191 - Varsity Softball (Women) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 192 - Varsity Field Hockey (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 193 - Varsity Lacrosse (Women) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 194 - Varsity Swimming and Diving (Women) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 195 - Varsity Tennis (Women) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 196 - Varsity Indoor/Outdoor Track (Women's) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 197 - Varsity Volleyball (Women) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 198 - Varsity Soccer (Women) (1 Credit Hour)

PHED 199 - Introductory Topics in Physical Education (1-4 Credit Hours)

A general category used only in the evaluation of transfer credit.

PHED 201 - Red Cross Lifeguard Training (2 Credit Hours)

This course is designed to certify students in CPR-PR, first aid and American Red Cross Lifeguard Training. Certification may qualify students for employment as a lifeguard at pools and camps.

PHED 202 - Water Safety Instructor (2 Credit Hours)

The purpose of this course is to train instructor candidates to teach water safety, including the Basic Water Rescue and Personal Water Safety courses, six levels of Learn-to-Swim, three levels of Preschool Aquatics and two levels of Parent and Child Aquatics. Prerequisites for the course include: the candidate must be 16 years of age and be able to swim at least 300 yards demonstrating three of the following six swimming strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke and/or elementary backstroke. Students will learn strategies for teaching basic swimming skills, as well as learn to effectively plan, manage and teach safe swimming lessons. The course includes a 16-hour field experience teaching swimming lessons to faculty and staff children. Successful completion of the course will lead to American Red Cross Certification in Water Safety Instructor.

PHED 203 - Skin and Scuba Diving (2 Credit Hours)

Successful completion of this course will lead to international certification as a PADI Open Water Diver. Students must furnish mask, fins and snorkel which can be rented or purchased from Discover Diving. Additional fees apply, which includes text, diving tables, diving log and use of scuba equipment.

Prerequisite(s): Above average swimming skill (200 yard swim and 10 minute tread water), good physical condition, free of asthma and chronic sinus or ear conditions.