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Greek (GRK)

Ancient Greek - Classical Studies Minor

Ancient Greek is a minor in the Classical Studies Department.  

GRK 111 - Beginning Ancient Greek (4 Credit Hours)

An introduction to the fundamental morphology and syntax of ancient Greek. Exercises in grammar and translation are based primarily upon quotations from Greek literature and the New Testament.

GRK 112 - Intermediate Ancient Greek (4 Credit Hours)

Advanced study of ancient Greek grammar and language. Emphasis is given to the development of translation skills by reading extended passages of Greek.

Prerequisite(s): GRK 111.

GRK 199 - Introductory Topics in Greek (1-4 Credit Hours)

A general category used only in the evaluation of transfer credit.

GRK 211 - Greek Prose & Poetry (4 Credit Hours)

Readings from ancient Greek. Selections range from Homer to the New Testament.

Prerequisite(s): GRK 112 or consent of instructor.

GRK 361 - Directed Study (1-4 Credit Hours)

GRK 362 - Directed Study (1-4 Credit Hours)

GRK 363 - Independent Study (1-4 Credit Hours)

GRK 364 - Independent Study (1-4 Credit Hours)