Academic Catalog


I.Personnel Policies: F. Procedures for Senior Administrator Reviews

Section I.F. of the Faculty Handbook was updated by governance proposal #13-31.


  1. The Administrator Review shall be conducted by the Senior Administrator Review committee. Membership of the Senior Administrator Review committee shall consist of the Chair-Elect of the Faculty and four members of the Teaching Faculty, one from each division of the University, to be elected by the General Faculty to two-year, staggered terms.
  2. The committee shall first convene early in the fall with the Chair of the Faculty and the President or the President's designate to discuss the process and establish the schedule for review(s). Meetings will be chaired by the Chair-Elect of the Faculty. The goal is to review two administrators each year. All reviews will be completed by the end of the academic year.
  3. The next step of each review is a meeting of the committee with the administrator to discuss the review process. During this meeting it is important to a) establish the scope and responsibilities of the position, b) list areas of particular importance for consideration during the review, and c) outline the schedule for the review.
  4. The administrator then prepares a self-evaluation for the committee, to be submitted by a date agreed upon by the committee, the President or President’s designate, and the administrator under review. The administrator’s self-evaluation should include a list of others with whom the administrator has frequent contact so that the committee can solicit input from them.
  5. The committee, at its discretion and in consultation with the President, may draw up an additional list of people pertinent to the review who will be contacted. Any additional list of names will be shared with the administrator. The committee will then formulate a set of questions to ask of those on the list(s) and solicit input from them. All teaching and general faculty will also be invited to submit letters evaluating the administrator. All letters are confidential. Additional data pertinent to the particular position under review (e.g. library statistics, computer-usage information, etc.) may be collected by the committee as agreed upon by the President or the President's designate and the Chair of the Faculty in the initial organizational meeting.
  6. The committee shall then prepare a written report to the President summarizing all input and evaluating the performance of the administrator. No recommendations regarding salary or renewal shall be given in the report. The report, along with all letters collected, shall be submitted to the President. Copies of the report will also be sent to the administrator.
  7. The faculty will continue the ongoing cycle of five-year reviews except that it should establish the principle that administrators are not reviewed before their third year in office. Although this may create an imbalance in the work of the committee from year to year, it eliminates the possibility that an administrator could come up for formal review in just the first or second year.