Academic Catalog


I.Personnel Policies: C. Non-Tenure-Track Appointments

1. Full-Time, Non-Tenure-Track Appointments

Although the University seeks to employ a full-time, tenure-track faculty, it is occasionally necessary to seek and appoint individuals to full-time, non-tenure-track positions. Individuals in these positions serve for limited periods of time, usually for one year and normally not to exceed two years. (Exception: see spousal/partner employment, below). Departments may request appointments beyond two years when special needs arise.

A full-time, non-tenure-track member of the faculty normally teaches three courses, or the equivalent, each semester, maintains office hours, and engages in some form of scholarly activity. A full-time member also assumes additional responsibilities such as the supervision of directed studies, senior research, senior project for recognition and the like, and the advisement of students, service to the department in a variety of ways, service on committees and/or councils, and the like.

2. Part-Time, Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments

a. ​Normally, part-time appointments are made on a semester-by-semester basis, or year-by-year basis. Faculty members who teach full-time or part-time, on year-by-year or semester-by-semester contracts, will normally be reviewed in their third year of employment at Denison. If such faculty members are rehired, they will also be reviewed in their sixth year of employment, and at regular intervals thereafter. A review of the person's work will usually occur after no later than six semesters of service. If a decision is made not to offer reappointment, the appropriate chair will inform the person of the rationale for the decision.

b. A part-time faculty member on a yearly contract and working the equivalent of .75 full-time employment (FTE) is eligible for all staff benefits available to full-time faculty. (See Section VIII.C., “Faculty Benefits,” for further information).  A non tenure-track faculty member on a semester or a yearly contract and working the equivalent of .75 full-time employment (FTE) or greater is eligible for all staff benefits available to full-time faculty, subject to the provisions of each benefit.  A part-time faculty member working at less than a .75 FTE is eligible for coverage under the State of Ohio Unemployment Compensation System, Workers' Compensation Program of the State of Ohio and the Federal Social Security Program.

c. Part-time teaching faculty are appointed according to the normal procedure for the recruitment and appointment of full-time faculty to the extent feasible, and with modifications appropriate to the particular position. In general, in recruitment and hiring, Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action procedures relative to race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, and gender are followed. The search normally is restricted to the immediate central Ohio area, particularly Granville, Newark, and Columbus. Dossiers are submitted and reviewed by members of the department and personal interviews take place with the candidate(s). Appointments are made according to professional qualifications with due regard for high-quality prior service to Denison.

d. Part-time faculty generally are not expected to assume responsibilities related to advising students or service on committees or councils.

3. Spousal/Partner Faculty Appointments

As part of its program to attract and retain faculty, Denison attempts to offer continuing non-tenure-track appointments to qualified spouses/partners of faculty. Such appointments are initially contingent upon institutional need and the qualifications of the spouse/partner; reappointment is contingent upon continuing need as well as satisfactory performance as determined through the regular review process. These will normally be part-time appointments. Spouses/partners in such appointments are eligible to apply for full-time positions, including tenure-track positions, when they occur. See section VII.S. for additional policies.