Academic Catalog


I.Personnel Policies: B. Full-Time Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies Teaching Faculty

1. This policy covers full-time teaching faculty in the Department of Athletics, Recreation, and Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies at Denison University. These positions do not earn tenure, and years of service in them are not tenure-accruing.

2. The review process for reappointment of faculty will start in the spring of their 2nd, 5th, and 9th year, and every 5th year thereafter. The reappointment review will be acted upon during the following fall semester. This pattern of review is accomplished by an initial three-year contract, followed by another three-year contract, a four-year contract, and successive five-year contracts. The 10th-year review and subsequent reviews will follow the format for “Periodic Assessment of Tenured Faculty (Senior Reviews)” outlined in section I.D. of this handbook, except that the process includes an additional review by the Department Evaluation Committee. If a person's contract is not renewed, that person will be notified eight months prior to the end of the current contract. If deemed appropriate in certain circumstances, the length of contracts and the timing of reviews can be modified by the President's Advisory Board and the Provost.

3. Full-time Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies teaching faculty are initially reviewed by a committee consisting of the Director and Associate Director of Athletics, the department chair, and all faculty in the department who have attained the rank of associate or full professor. All of the normal procedures pertaining to the preparation and departmental review of a candidate's dossier apply to this review. Following the departmental review, the candidate's dossier and the departmental recommendation are sent to the President's Advisory Board, which reviews the materials and makes a recommendation to the President, who makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees. This review follows all of the normal procedures for Advisory review of candidates. In the event of a negative recommendation by the President, the normal appeals process for negative personnel decisions for faculty is available to the candidate.

4. Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies teaching faculty are normally assigned an initial academic rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor by the Provost. Individuals covered by this policy may be promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. All procedures and qualifications for achieving rank at Denison University shall apply. Consideration of persons for such an appointment will be made by the President's Advisory Board and by the Administration of the University at the initiative of either the candidate, the department chair, members of the faculty, or the President's Advisory Board.

5. Individuals covered by this policy are eligible for sabbatical leave and other appropriate professional development opportunities outlined in section II of this handbook, “Professional Development Opportunities.” In addition to the opportunities outlined in this handbook, faculty members can also develop plans for sabbatical leave that will allow them to maintain their head coaching duties while being relieved of other responsibilities.

For a full statement of the policies and procedures governing Health, Exercise, and Sports Studies teaching faculty, contact the Office of the Provost.