Academic Catalog


VII.Community Standards and Policies: R. University Space and Equipment Management

There is no dedicated facility space at Denison. Facilities are assigned to departments and programs by the President and the Board of Trustees: (a) the assignment of classrooms and laboratory spaces is made by the Registrar, normally in consultation with the chair of the department and the faculty; (b) the assignment of office space is the responsibility of the Provost, normally in consultation with the chair of the department.

a. The University maintains a perpetual inventory of all land, buildings, improvements other than buildings, and equipment/books regardless of where such equipment is located or how it is acquired.

b. Deans, directors, administrators, and department chairs are responsible for all University equipment purchased for or assigned to their respective areas; however, all equipment is owned by the University as a whole, rather than by a single department, and interdepartmental transfers will be made where they are in the best interests of the University.

c. University office and instructional equipment may be removed from the campus under unusual circumstances with prior approval of the Provost and the Vice President for Finance & Management.

d. All books and equipment obtained through grants where Denison is the fiduciary agent shall become the property of Denison. It is understood that these materials may be on loan to the individual as long as needed to pursue research.

e. Any material not subject to federal regulations and no longer possessing utility to the department may be declared as general University surplus. Items purchased under federal grants are handled in accordance with the regulations under which they are purchased. If there is any doubt as to the original source of funds, the Business Affairs/Purchasing Office is to be notified to determine whether the item is subject to federal encumbrance.