Academic Catalog


VII.Community Standards and Policies: M. Publications for External Consumption

In order to ensure that what the University conveys to the general public about Denison is consistent, accurate, and stated in a way that does credit to the institution, all substantive official publications about Denison programs must be cleared by the Vice President of Institutional Advancement and University Communications or his or her designee.

Announcements intended for a limited audience, or brochures, or letters, or similar communications about specific events need not be included. Descriptions of University programs, information brochures, recruitment materials—in short, items that make a statement of substance about Denison's mission or programs—are to be approved before they are put in final form. The Vice President will answer any questions about this policy and about procedures to be followed, and will expedite clearance that may seem advisable with other senior administrators and department heads.

This policy is not meant to inhibit initiative. It is meant only to assure that important messages about the institution in fact speak on behalf of the institution with consistency and quality.