Academic Catalog


VII.Community Standards and Policies: J. Policy on Outside Employment by Denison Faculty

A full-time faculty member's professional responsibility is to Denison University. Accordingly, faculty members accepting outside employment are expected to remain fully effective in their teaching, scholarship, and service within the University.

Consulting or other similar activities are welcome provided they enhance the professional growth of the faculty member and/or bring favorable recognition to the University. Faculty members engaged in such activities are expected to discuss the nature and extent of these responsibilities in advance with their chairs and the Provost. Normally such activities ought to take no more than the equivalent of one day out of six during the academic year.

Regulations and guidelines have been established by both the State of Ohio and theĀ U.S. Internal Revenue Service governing the use of facilities and for private gain at tax-exempt institutions. Anyone intending to use Denison facilities for private gain should consult with the Provost.