Academic Catalog


Academic Minors, Concentrations, and Electives

Academic Minor

A minor provides a guided plan of study within a discipline but with fewer requirements than a major. Typically, minors require core courses, beginning and advanced coursework in the field, and electives. Minors afford students a structured opportunity to enrich or complement majors, or to engage a separate academic field. Most departments and programs offering majors also offer a minor.  In addition, stand-alone minors in are offered in the fields of Astronomy and Data for Political Research.


A concentration provides an interdisciplinary program of study, requiring a depth of study in a field that crosses disciplinary boundaries. Denison offers concentrations in the following fields: Computational Science, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Middle East and North African Studies, Neuroscience, and Queer Studies. In addition, there are a few concentrations available only to majors in certain disciplines (Financial Economics in Economics, as well as several concentrations/domains within Environmental Studies and Data Analytics). Two opportunities similar to a concentration are the Lugar Program and Organizational Studies. Students interested in these fields should talk with appropriate faculty soon after they have begun their Denison careers.


Electives may be chosen as a flexible mix to explore a variety of fields throughout Denison's curriculum or off-campus study. Denison maintains a list of accepted off-campus programs, both in the U.S. and abroad. It is strongly recommended that students interested in off-campus study make an appointment with the Office of Global Programs and Off-Campus Study early in their Denison career to begin planning for off-campus study.

Students who want more structure in their choices of elective courses may pursue a minor, a concentration, or a second major.