Academic Catalog


Greeting From The President

To The Administrative Staff:

Denison University changes lives. Since my first year here, I have been struck by the talents and passions of our students; the commitment and strength of our faculty and staff; the robust nature of both our curricular and co-curricular offerings; the beauty of our campus; and the success of our alumni.

Those are the giant truths about Denison—the general statements that sum up this extraordinary college. But at the start of the new academic year, I would like to focus in, because every individual matters on this campus. And while I am in awe of the special kind of community that emerges here because relationships are valued and nurtured in ways that create meaningful, often lifelong friendships and mentorship opportunities—I also am convinced that Denison students are drawn to this college because each individual is uniquely prepared to take on the challenge of Denison’s mission: to be inspired and educated to become a discerning moral agent, an autonomous thinker, and an engaged citizen.

The work of Administrative and Support Staff is crucial to meeting this mission. The work you do is crucial to the college and adds volumes to the student experience. Every day I see the impact of the work you do for the college. Time and time again, students, alumni, and parents have talked to me about the ways you have helped educate and mentor our students.

So I will kick off the year with a few questions to think about: What do each of us want to accomplish this year? How can we contribute to Denison's mission? How do we want to interact with and mentor each other? How can we take steps, large and small, to contribute to a great year for Denison?

Denison students benefit from an education that demands spirited debate and personal engagement with ideas that impact local and global communities. I am thrilled to be a part of the Denison community, and I look forward to the campus-wide collaboration that enables students to make the very most of the Denison experience.

Let’s have a great year.

Sincerely, Adam S. Weinberg President