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General Information

Denison Equipment

Various pieces of Denison equipment or property are entrusted to each employee to perform work assigned. If the equipment is in need of repair, servicing or cleaning, it is expected that the employee will report it to the department head and then follow up to see that such maintenance is accomplished.

The use of Denison equipment on or off campus for personal use is prohibited.

Equipment given to you must be returned upon termination of employment.

Buying through Denison

Denison operates as a non-profit corporation. As such, it is in direct violation of the laws of the State of Ohio to permit employees to make personal purchases through the University. The Denison University Bookstore, which can collect sales tax, is authorized to sell to Denison employees at a 10% courtesy discount.

Confidential Material

Some employees have access to items of a confidential nature. This information must not be discussed or released to anyone without approval of the proper authority. Failure to respect this confidence is cause for disciplinary action.

Personal Changes

Each employee is requested to report any changes which may affect personnel records. Changes listed below are reported to the Office of Human Resources:

  1. Change of address
  2. Change in name
  3. Change in telephone number
  4. Change in income tax exemptions
  5. Change in beneficiary for life insurance
  6. Change in marital status
  7. Change in number of dependents for medical insurance

Health and Safety

The safety and health of all staff members are of utmost importance to the University. The University seeks to comply with federal, state and local safety regulations and to develop procedures and programs to ensure the continuing safety of the university community. The University has the responsibility to provide all pertinent training and retraining, as well as required employee personal protective equipment. Staff members have the responsibility to actively participate in safety training and wear personal protective equipment when called for and perform the job safely.

The Campus Security and Safety Office is the department charged with oversight of the safety program. Campus Security asks administrative and supervisory personnel to assist by incorporating security and safety practices in their staff orientation program and in their daily operations.

Department supervisors, in conjunction with the Campus Security and Safety Office, will assess the various job functions, develop department safety standards, and determine which jobs require personal protective equipment.

Staff members will be trained and supplied with personal protective equipment when needed. Retraining will be provided if staff member does not demonstrate an understanding of proper use of personal protective equipment.

Staff members are required to comply with safety practices established by departments for specific jobs and functions. Staff members who fail to follow proper safety practices or neglect proper safety practices are subject to disciplinary action.

Together, we can make Denison University the safest and healthiest work environment possible.

Guns on Campus

Effective April 17, 2017

No person shall possess, carry, store or use a firearm, deadly weapon or dangerous ordinance, as defined in the Ohio Revised Code, in or on university premises, defined as university owned, rented and/or sponsored property, except as allowable under Ohio Law. Only properly licensed persons who own valid handguns may have those handguns on university premises and then only in their locked motor vehicles; under no circumstances may licensed handguns be removed from locked motor vehicles while on university premises. This policy applies to all persons coming onto the university premises including faculty, staff, students, visitors, vendors, and contractors, except where specifically permitted. This policy does not apply to law enforcement officers coming on to the university premises while engaged in the performance of their official duties or while required to possess a firearm by rules of the officer’s employing agency.

Denison University Office of Campus Safety is solely responsible for the oversight and implementation of this policy. All requests for deviation or exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Director of Campus Safety or his/her designee.

Persons found to be in violation of this policy are subject to immediate action under University rules applicable to that individual. Such responsive action may include, but is not limited to, student conduct action and/or employee disciplinary action up to and including removal, expulsion, dismissal or termination. Persons found to be in violation of this policy may also be subject to criminal prosecution or no-trespassing directive.

Safety Practices

Health and safety is the business of every Denison employee. Poor policies and practices in this area are reflected directly or indirectly in the economic growth of the whole community. If you see an unsafe working condition, report it to your supervisor. If you see conditions around you which could cause an accident, call this to the attention of your supervisor or the Office of Campus Security & Safety.

Some examples of good safety practices are:

  1. Maintain a work area and desk that is clean and orderly.
  2. Keep desk and cabinet drawers closed when not in use. Open one drawer of a file cabinet at a time to avoid an upset and evenly distribute stored materials to avoid empty bottom drawers that can cause an upset.
  3. Inform department head of any defective equipment so that it can be repaired or replaced.
  4. Wrap broken glass, mark it, and put it aside (not in the wastebasket) for the custodian.
  5. Keep restrooms and storerooms clean and orderly.


All automobiles operating on the Denison Campus must be registered. Registration tags are obtained from the Operator/Dispatcher office. You must have adequate insurance or at least the minimum insurance coverage required by the State of Ohio before a permit is issued.

Continued parking in unauthorized areas and/or moving violations will result in disciplinary action and/or loss of driving privileges on University roadways.

Denison provides transportation between work sites on campus to carry out University business and does not condone the use of personal cars. Employees electing to use their own cars between campus work sites do so as a matter of personal preference and are not eligible for any travel allowance.

Use of University Vehicles

All employees driving Denison University vehicles: (1) must be licensed (by the State of Ohio) drivers, (2) will have completed the University Defensive Driving Course, (3) are responsible for checking the condition of the vehicle and reporting any defects, (4) are expected to drive responsibly, including use of safety restraints (seat belts), and in a manner so as to protect other persons as well as university and private property, (5) must comply with Denison University traffic and parking rules and regulations, and (6) are responsible for citations which might be issued. In addition, Denison University vehicles are not to be used for personal use. If involved in an accident, the employee will notify the Department of Campus Security and Safety and the appropriate law enforcement agency, if off campus, immediately and provide all requested information. Reports of all incidents involving university vehicles are forwarded to the university's insurance carrier. Poor driving, repeated violations or failure to follow proper safety procedures, or negligence could result in disciplinary action.

Protection Against Loss of Personal Property in University Buildings by Fire or Theft

Employees are encouraged to minimize the amount of personal effects used in their work. To the extent that the use of personal effects is necessary in your work, you should have your own personal fire and "homeowner" type policy endorsed to include items used while engaged in one's profession.

Policy on the Use of University Keys

Employees may be issued keys to University buildings at the time of employment. Keys are the property of the University and must be returned prior to leaving. Any keys issued are the responsibility of the employee and must be used for the designated purpose only. Keys must not be loaned. Keys that are issued for specific shift use are not to be taken away from the University.

Personal Telephone Calls

Occasionally employees may need to place personal long distance calls. Employees need to use a credit card or place a third party or collect call. The specific directions for placing personal calls are listed in the Denison University Telephone Directory.


Publicity releases related to Denison are the exclusive responsibility of the Office of Public Affairs.


(Effective July 1, 2012)

The Denisonian is the campus student newspaper published during the school year by the student body.

The Denison Magazine is a publication for alumni and the entire campus community. It is published three times per year and is mailed to each employee's home.

TheDEN ( is the college's online source for current news, stories and ideas. It is updated throughout the week both during the school year and in the summer months.

Acceptable Use Policy For Computer

Use Denison University provides all staff access to a wide range of computer services. Many of these services are shared by other staff, faculty and students. As a community we find it essential that all members abide by a set of guidelines to ensure that these services are available to the community in a fair and equitable manner.

An Advisory Committee has published a set of guidelines for the Acceptable Use Policy. The most up-to-date version of the Acceptable Use Policy is available on MyDenison.

By virtue of your use of Denison's computers and any system accounts which give you access to our network, you agree to abide by this policy.