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Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers programs and services designed to help all students improve their academic performance and ultimately achieve personal academic excellence.  As a supplement to faculty advising, professional staff meet with students individually concerning academic matters, study strategies, and time management development.  The Center collaborates with other units at the college to provide additional programming and resources such as Productivity Circle and Advising Circles. Free subject-based peer tutoring is available to all students on a first-come, first-served basis in most subjects. Students can request tutors at The Academic Resource Center coordinates the delivery of accessibility services for students with documented disabilities including requests for reasonable accommodations. Students must request reasonable accommodations on a semester-by-semester basis. Students can learn more about the accommodations process at Obtaining Accommodations.

Please call 740-587-6666 or email for assistance or reasonable accommodations. Note: The Academic Resource Center has limited hours during June and July.

The Alford Community Leadership & Involvement Center

The Alford Community Leadership & Involvement Center (CLIC) provides Denison students with involvement and engagement experiences, creating meaningful connections and students’ sense of belonging within the Denison community. CLIC creates opportunities for students to connect their values, passions, and interests to their leadership development during their time at Denison and beyond the Hill. CLIC provides these opportunities and experiences by celebrating Denison traditions and annual events, providing campus organization support, mentoring student leaders, highlighting involvement and engagement opportunities, serving our communities through volunteering and civic engagement, managing student-centered spaces, and supporting a vibrant social life.

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Athletics, Club Sports, and Recreation Facilities

The University is committed to a broad-based intercollegiate athletics program, sponsoring 26 varsity sports -- 14 for women and 12 for men. A wide variety of club and intramural sports, fitness classes, and exercise facilities are available to accommodate the interest levels of all students. The Mitchell Center is the centerpiece of athletics and fitness at Denison.

Please go to for complete information about athletics at Denison.

Business Affairs

Business Affairs oversees various services for students, including Purchasing, Accounting, Contract Review, Food Trucks, and Office/Copy Services.

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Campus Safety

The Office of Campus Safety is a professional public safety organization providing quality community safety services and innovative programs. The office is student-centered, community-focused, and focused on using communication and education to foster strong relationships as the first tool in cultivating a safe community.  The Office of Campus Safety has a staff of trained community service officers, communications officers, and student staff.  Officers are on duty 24 hours, seven days a week, and are trained in best community policing practices, CPR, Automatic External Defibrillator, First Aid, and emergency communication, among other topics.

For additional information and required consumer information regarding Campus Safety, go to

Center for Belonging and Inclusion

The Center for Belonging and Inclusion is committed to cultivating an inclusive campus climate where individuals from historically underrepresented social identities can find community, explore leadership, and access resources and opportunities that contribute to their academic, social, and personal well-being. Through critical and action-oriented high-impact initiatives, we seek to build bridges and enhance the cultural understanding and awareness of the Denison community.

For more information please visit:

The Center for Global Programs

The Center for Global Programs develops core elements of a global experience for Denisonians through off-campus study, international student support, multilingual learning, intercultural residential living, and community engagement. By encouraging dialogue across differences, we foster global citizenship, locally and abroad, fulfilling Denison’s mission of building discerning moral agents, autonomous thinkers, and active citizens as part of a liberal arts education.

The Center for Global Programs (CfGP) is Denison's global experiences hub. It houses off-campus study operations, support for international students, and multilingual learning initiatives. It collaborates regularly with the Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement, the Knowlton Center for Career Exploration, academic departments and programs, the Division of Student Life, and other campus partners to expand global learning pathways and approaches. Our growing international community on campus includes students from around the world, permanent residents who live abroad, US citizens, and individuals who identify as global citizens. The CfGP also facilitates the Global Living Community, a unique opportunity for students to live in a residence hall with other globally-minded peers and expand their world perspective outside the classroom. Students are welcome to email us with questions at

Off-Campus Study

Off-Campus study provides dynamic experiences worldwide to improve global competency, gain experience to build a resume, and find passion through hands-on learning. Students who study off-campus come from various majors, interests, personal and financial backgrounds, and academic and extra-curricular involvement levels at Denison. More than half of the student body participates in off-campus study, including Denison Seminars, at some point during their four years, with the majority doing so during their junior year. The Center maintains a list of hundreds of approved programs in dozens of countries worldwide, including the United States. Our Global Tools website provides the current list of approved programs, details of our application process, and a range of resources for support throughout the process.

International Student Support

International Student Support provides guidance and advising for our international students so that they can thrive in their classes, develop friendships on campus, and participate in various co- and extracurricular opportunities. We support students during their arrival to campus; regular one-on-one advising on the academic, social, and personal challenges associated with living and learning in an unfamiliar culture; career exploration advising; and continuing education focusing on immigration regulations and requirements pertaining to the nonimmigrant student visa. Our office also organizes exciting programs and special events for all Denison students interested in other cultures and meeting people worldwide. The MyISS Portal houses valuable information on maintaining the F-1 student visa status, employment options, ID cards, and more.

Multilingual Learning

The Multilingual Learning staff supports the academic success and achievement of all Denisonians working in multiple languages through one-on-one tutoring and consulting sessions, group workshops, and the creation of online resources. If English is not a student’s first language, our staff can assist with writing, reading, note-taking, and presentation skills. In addition, a Writing 101 (W101) course is offered by our Assistant Director of Multilingual Learning or English Language Support Specialist to international students during their first year enrolled at Denison. The course is designed to assist multilingual students in developing their college writing skills across various subject areas. More information about the W101 course is shared during June Orientation.

Civil Rights & Title IX

The Office of Civil Rights & Title IX, in partnership with the Hoaglin Wellness Center and the Center for Belonging & Inclusion, provides the campus community with resources, support, training, and educational opportunities designed to transform cultural attitudes on topics such as gender, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation; promote healthy relationships; improve understanding of consent and incapacity; and to prevent sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. Students may also contact Civil Rights & Title IX to discuss campus policies on harassment and discrimination, report violations of these policies, or seek interim protections and supportive measures.

For more information, go to:

Consumer Information

In accordance with federal regulations set forth by the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, Denison University's required Consumer Information can be found online at

Dining Services

Denison University Dining Services offers healthy and sustainable dining options that cater to the campus community's needs. Students will find flexibility in menu options, healthy nutritious options, and access to dieticians and chefs directly with a focus on safety, quality, and convenience in all dining locations on campus.

To learn more about locations, hours of operation, daily menus, ZINGLE, and other Dining Service offerings, go to or log into MyDenison and select the Dining Channel under the Campus Resources Tab.

DU Cares

DU Cares is a collaborative resource that partners with students, faculty, staff, and family members to support and assist students in managing significant and complex situations related to their health, behavior, well-being, leaves and returns, and academics. The DU Cares team specifically aims to support student academic and social development, promote the most effective use of campus resources, facilitate academic engagement, and address disruptions to students’ academic and social stability. Utilizing a strengths-based approach, we promote Denison students' holistic growth and development, increase their access to resources, help them navigate challenges impacting their collegiate experience, and help students develop self-advocacy skills that prepare them for involvement in the larger community and life beyond The Hill.

To connect with DU Cares, please email us at or call us at (740) 587-6765.

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid offers a variety of financial aid programs to help students with their educational expenses. Scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study opportunities are available for those who qualify.

Additional information on financial aid and consumer information is available at

Facilities Services

Facilities Services is responsible for maintaining campus grounds and buildings. For more information or to submit a work order, log in to MyDenison, and click on the TopDesk icon.

The Financial Wellness Program

College can be when many learn to become self-sufficient and navigate independence in many areas, including financial wellness. The Financial Wellness Program is committed to offering support for this growth during a student’s time on the hill and to help develop lifelong financial skills. We provide unbiased financial knowledge to encourage financial autonomy and support students' holistic self-development.

We are available to all students. Our office provides one-on-one financial coaching where students can schedule appointments for various finance-related topics. Group presentations, campus-wide programs, and on-demand financial education are also available, along with information about other campus resources. Check out our YouTube channel for helpful videos on managing meal plans, planning to study abroad, affording Greek life, and more!

For more information about the office, how to schedule appointments and other services, please visit

For financial emergency support, please visit the Financial Resources page. Departments across campus offer support for a variety of needs.

First-Year Experience

The Office of First-Year Experience facilitates the orientation, transition, and retention of all students in their first year at Denison University. Through their coordination of transition programs to assist new students in adjusting to the social, emotional, and academic communities they participate in, the office team works to provide an enriching collegiate experience.

The First-Year Dean serves new students as an administrative point of contact for information and directs students to university resources. Students can schedule individual meetings with the First-Year Dean to assist with a wide range of issues, including academic performance issues, personal adjustment problems, and other matters of concern.

For more information, go to

Hoaglin Wellness Center

The  Hoaglin Wellness Center provides high-quality medical and counseling care to the Denison student community.  Our team of professionals includes counselors, physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and a psychiatrist and dietitian.

Wellness Education empowers Denison University students to develop healthy and responsible habits, attitudes, and lifestyles. The Student Wellness Education Coordinator organizes events, programs, and campaigns throughout the year designed to promote wellness and educate students about relevant college health topics such as responsible alcohol use, nutrition, sexual health, stress relief, and self-care.

For more information, go to

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a wide range of technology services to students, faculty, and staff. Key services include campus-wide WiFi, collaborative learning technology in classrooms and labs, web-based services (e.g.; MyDenison, Denison Apps, and the Canvas learning management system), select software for installation on personally-owned computers, online and in-person training, technology equipment for checkout at the Circulation Desk in the Library (e.g.; Chromebooks, digital still & video cameras, audio recorders, etc.), and much more.

The ITS Service Desk is available to support students with technology questions and issues. A staff of ITS professionals and skilled student employees are equipped to provide support. For more information on the ITS Service Desk, please visit:

By using Denison technology services, students agree to abide by Denison’s Acceptable Use Policy  ( All technology policies can be found under the Information Technology Services “Important Policies” page in MyDenison’s Campus Resources.

Knowlton Center for Career Exploration

The Knowlton Center for Career Exploration equips students with the support, knowledge, tools, and life skills to launch and sustain meaningful career journeys that honor their unique desires and abilities. From exploring career options to resume building to applying your skills in the real world, the Knowlton Center’s career coaches will support and guide students throughout every step of the career-planning journey and launch. Students are encouraged to visit the Center early and often, participate in unique programming and utilize career technology and resources to access digital resources, join a career community, search and apply for jobs and internships, register for events, schedule career coaching appointments, and more, log in to the Knowlton Center’s online career hub, Knowlton Connect at


As the place where the disciplines meet, Denison Libraries help people ask the right questions as they discover and build knowledge. We are committed to connecting people with ideas. Two dozen librarians and staff members help students find and assess resources in all formats; they meet with students one-on-one and often teach classroom sessions on library research. In conjunction with the first-year Advising Circles program, all students are assigned a “Personal Librarian” in September, so there’s always someone they can approach, call, text, or email to get help.

Throughout our seven floors, the library has a variety of spaces that support quiet study and collaborative work. We offer access to over 500 databases and 26 million electronic articles from wherever you are. While we hold over half a million volumes in our building, we also have strong consortial partnerships that allow quick access to the resources of 120 higher ed members of OhioLINK, more than 46 million items.

Students can use primary source materials for original research via our University Archives and Special Collections and our digital programs. See, for example,

For more information, see:

Lisska Center for Intellectual Engagement

The mission of the Lisska Center for Intellectual Engagement is to support research and scholarship, to foster intellectual community and academic enrichment among all Denisonians, and to provide an interdisciplinary space for the open exchange of ideas, perspectives, and arguments.
The Lisska Center is a dynamic space where intellectual curiosity is celebrated and diverse perspectives collide to spark exciting new ideas. Whether you're interested in conducting cutting-edge research, pursuing academic opportunities abroad, or attending thought-provoking events, the Lisska Center has something to offer to students across all majors and class years.
With a highly experienced staff passionate about supporting students' academic growth and success, both inside and outside the classroom, the Lisska Center offers guidance to those interested in applying for national and international fellowships and awards, opening doors to exciting opportunities worldwide. The Center also coordinates the Summer Scholars Research Program. This prestigious, award-winning initiative allows students to collaborate with faculty members and conduct groundbreaking research in their chosen fields. If you're eager to explore academic experiences beyond the classroom, the Lisska Center can help fund your travel expenses and research supplies, making it easier to pursue your passions.

At the heart of the Lisska Center's mission is a commitment to creating a culture of intellectual life on campus. The Minds Wide Open series brings together modern thought leaders to share their ideas and perspectives on a wide range of topics. From the latest scientific breakthroughs to the most pressing social issues of our time, these events challenge your assumptions and broaden your understanding of the world.
Unleash your intellectual curiosity and engage with your future in exciting new ways at the Lisska Center for Intellectual Engagement.

For more information, visit the Lisska Center.

Office of Community Values & Student Conduct

The Office of Community Values and Student Conduct (OCVSC) oversees the Code of Student Conduct. It facilitates processes for both individual and organizational groups grounded in fair, equitable, and educational methods. Individuals are provided the opportunity to maneuver through accountability processes by addressing their involvement in situations, identifying their responsibility, and engaging in outcomes that help remedy the impacts of their decision-making on the community. Staff provide conflict coaching, education, and connections to campus and community resources to support the connection between individual behaviors, values-based decision-making, and community well-being. Beyond formal student conduct processes, OCVSC staff provide opportunities for individuals to resolve disputes through healthy confrontation of choices and honest dialogue in the ways of mediation and restorative circling conversations. In doing so, staff facilitate learning, redress of harm, and meaning of community.
For more information, go to

Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life plays a critical role in a vibrant campus community at Denison - the office is committed to providing values-based and inclusive environments where students can foster collaboration, healthy social engagement, and discovery through individual and community-wide programs and events. Participation in fraternity and sorority life prepares graduates with the knowledge, skills, and cultural competencies to lead and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Today, the Denison fraternity and sorority community has grown to 35% of Denison students within 20 greek-lettered organizations and four governing councils. The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), College Panhellenic Council (PHC), and Interfraternity Council (IFC) pride themselves in individuality while recognizing their commitment to the values and principles of fraternity.

For more information, visit


The Provost is the Chief Academic Officer of Denison University. The Provost provides leadership to all academic areas, ensuring alignment with the mission and strategic direction of the institution. The Provost is charged with stewardship of the Academic Program and is responsible for the creation and implementation of academic priorities and the allocation of resources that will support those priorities.

The Office of the Provost is responsible for the curriculum and the faculty of the University.  In addition, the Registrar and the directors of the Athletic Department, the Michael D. Eisner Center for the Performing Arts, the Denison Museum, and the Doane Library report directly to the Provost. The Office of the Provost coordinates the work of the department chairs.

For more information, go to

Red Frame Lab

Denison students come to the Red Frame Lab to explore entrepreneurship, design thinking, and innovation. Located in the heart of the Slayter Student Union, the Red Frame Lab is home to big programs, small workshops, and coaching opportunities for all students. The skills and experiences students gain help them put their passions to work for them now and long into their future career paths. Our staff, alumni, and network have a vast range of industry, entrepreneurial, and design thinking experience. Come by and start a conversation. You never know where it might take you.

For more information, please visit:


The Registrar's Office maintains student academic records, manages course registration, provides transcripts, coordinates transfer credits, confirms graduation, and issues diplomas.

For more information, go to

Residential Communities & Housing

Residential Communities & Housing works collaboratively with students in their residential spaces to cultivate communities that help students foster life skills, engage across differences, and understand themselves. Our work is grounded in Denison’s mission, principles of leadership, civic engagement, and creative problem solving, and in practices of individual and community well-being.

This office manages the logistics and operations of the residence halls and coordinates planning for physical improvements or new construction of residential facilities.

The Residential Communities & Housing team is in the Curtis Community Center (below Curtis Dining Hall). It offers various services for students, such as troubleshooting residence hall concerns, managing housing assignments, updating address/phone numbers, ID services, providing assistance with residence room keys, facilitating room change requests, and supporting students who may be managing a roommate conflict.

For more information, go to

Slayter Student Union

Slayter Student Union is an informal gathering place for students, faculty, and staff and home to campus offices and an auditorium, in addition to the following:

  • Alford Community Leadership and Involvement Center
  • Center for Belonging and Inclusion
  • Civil Rights and Title IX
  • Community Values and Student Conduct
  • Denison Bookstore
  • Dining options including Slayter Market and the Nest
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Red Frame Lab
  • Student Life
  • Student Mailroom and package distribution

Spiritual Life Center

The Spiritual Life Center houses resources for religious and spiritual traditions on campus. Welcoming to all, the Spiritual Life Center staff offers celebrations for religious holidays, a diverse breadth of study groups, interfaith dialogue, pastoral care, and spiritual direction. Located near the Chapel at Gilpatrick House, the Spiritual Life Center has regularly scheduled events and opportunities for drop-in conversation.

For more information, go to

Student Accounts

The Student Accounts office is responsible for all university billing and for providing statements of account, in addition to handling student health insurance, Denison Dollars accounts, and more.

For more information, go to

Student Employment

On-campus jobs allow students to develop personally and professionally while gaining skills that will help as they launch into careers post-Denison. Most academic departments and administrative offices employ students throughout the year to assist in the management and daily work of the campus. These opportunities allow students to engage in impactful and meaningful work while maintaining an ability to keep academics a top priority.

For more information on student jobs and to search for openings, please visit: MyDenison » Students » Student Employment.



Denison operates a free shuttle service that provides transportation to Newark and Columbus and surrounding areas for movies, dining, shopping, events, and more.  Shuttles to the airport (CMH) for break periods will also be available for a fee yet to be determined.

For information about shuttles and other transportation options, go to