Academic Catalog


Definition Of Supportive Operating Staff

(Effective February 28, 2011)

Supportive Operating Staff includes all Denison University personnel except members of the faculty and administrative staff. Members of the Supportive Operating Staff may be employed on a full-time, part-time, or casual/temporary basis.

Full-time employees work at least the full academic year (usually 40 weeks) and are scheduled/budgeted to work between 35 and 40 hours per work week.

In addition, full-time employees include employees budgeted to work at least 75% of a 12 month full-time schedule by category.

Full-time employees, as defined above, are eligible to participate in all staff benefit programs. Less than 12 month employees usually work a schedule that coincides with the academic year that begins approximately August 15 and ends mid-May.

Part-time Employees work a regular, pre-arranged schedule that is less than the full-time hours for their category, as defined above.

Casual/Temporary Employees are employed on an as needed or seasonal basis. Casual/temporary employees are not eligible for staff benefits other than coverage under the Social Security and Workers' Compensation programs.