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(Effective April 1, 2012)

The University recognizes that all employees are vital to the University community. Maintaining a positive working environment of cooperation, purpose, and collegiality advances not only our employee relations, but also our overarching educational goals.

To that end, this Handbook is designed to give each member of the Supportive Operating Staff at Denison a better understanding of our applicable personnel policies and procedures. You should review this Handbook carefully and become familiar with its contents.

Most of the policies and procedures set forth in this Handbook have been in effect for some time, though some have been reworked over time in response to evolving issues and an effort to provide greater clarity and understanding. This Handbook supersedes all other previous manuals or descriptions relating to Denison’s Supportive Operating Staff personnel policies.

This Handbook is not intended to cover every situation that may arise during your employment, but is a general guide to the policies, practices, benefits, and expectations of the University in connection with your employment at Denison. The University retains discretion to deviate from the policies and procedures contained in this Handbook, with or without notice, as the University deems appropriate, and to revise the contents of this Handbook as needed to reflect current administration or to adapt to the ever-changing environment and requirements relating to employment relationships. That said, reasonable efforts will be made to keep the Supportive Operating Staff apprised of material changes to the policies and procedures that follow.

Employees are encouraged to discuss this Handbook and raise questions or make suggestions to the Human Resources Department. This is not to say every question will be resolved in the manner you propose, but the probability of finding a solution is much better if the problem is known.

If you have any questions regarding the content or interpretation of this Handbook, please contact your department head or the Director of Human Resources. It is our hope that you will find your employment at Denison a rewarding and satisfying experience.