Academic Catalog


VI.Student Scholarships and Research Opportunities: A. Student Merit Scholarships and Awards

  1. Denison annually offers several merit scholarships to first-year students, and scholarships generally range from $5,000 to full tuition. Specific information about the range of merit scholarships can be found on Denison’s financial aid website. Students who wish to be considered for merit-based scholarships must submit a completed application for admission by the deadline for their chosen admission round, unless otherwise noted.
  2. All of Denison’s merit scholarships and awards are given for a maximum of four years (eight semesters).
  3. Merit scholarships require recipients to maintain a 2.0 GPA, unless otherwise stipulated in the donor agreement. The Offices of Financial Aid, Registrar, and Provost work together to track student eligibility and to notify students of their standing.
  4. If a student who holds a merit scholarship is less than full-time (defined as a minimum of 12 credit hours) for any given semester, the student will lose the scholarship for that semester, except in extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control that would be assessed in an appeal to the Office of Financial Aid. In cases in which a student appeal is successful, the award will be prorated according to the number of credit hours the student is carrying.
    • Merit scholarships and awards cannot be applied toward off-campus study charges. Need-based grants may be used, but amounts are capped for the semester away. The Office of Financial Aid will package off-campus students accordingly for their time studying off campus.
  5. A student who receives an approved medical withdrawal may have the scholarship or award reinstated for up to one year after the date of withdrawal. Any appeal beyond that time limit must be approved by the Office of Financial Aid.