Academic Catalog


II.Professional Development Opportunities: C. Professional Travel Policy

1. Full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty will use their PD Accounts to fund professional travel.

2. Other full-time faculty will be reimbursed up to $1300 per academic year for travel to a professional conference to deliver a paper.

3. Continuing part-time faculty should make individual requests to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs for funding for travel to professional conferences to deliver a paper.

4. There are two options for accounting for food costs on the travel report form: 1) submit a per diem of $39 per day without receipts, or 2) enter the exact amount for the meals on the travel report form and include the receipts. The maximum daily reimbursement for food with receipts is $75.

5. An additional $50 per day is available for child care above regular child care expenses.

6. The Denison purchasing card is the preferred method of payment for all travel expenses. If all travel expenses are paid using the Denison purchasing card, no Travel Expense Report is required. Conference registration fees should be paid directly by Denison using a purchasing card or Request for Payment.

Under special circumstances travel advances can be granted through an e-procurement process. Consult with the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs for more details.