Academic Catalog


IX.General Information: D. Insurance Coverage

Outlined below are basic University policies related to insurance about which faculty members should be knowledgeable. These policies have been in place for a period of years and can be found in Section III of the Finance and Management Policy Manual (located with the Academic Administrative Assistants of each department) for future reference.

1. Automobiles

Staff members using privately owned vehicles on official University business are advised that they are not covered under any type of automobile liability and property damage insurance carried by Denison University. Full responsibility for any personal liability or property damage claims resulting from accidents involving the private automobile of a staff member or any other personal loss suffered by the staff member rests with the driver and/or owner. Questions which staff members may have with respect to their protection and liability for the operation of their private automobiles while on official University business should be directed to their own insurance companies. Most personal liability policies can be endorsed to include coverage for activities while engaged in one's profession

2. Aircraft

Employees are instructed to use commercial airlines when flying on OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY BUSINESS. Non-owned aircraft (i.e., non-commercial) such as charters, private planes, and courtesy shuttles, etc., are not considered approved forms of transportation and are not covered by the University's insurance.

3. Personal Property

Coverage or protection against loss of personal property by fire or theft in University buildings is minimal.

Most personal fire and extended coverage insurance through “tenant” or “homeowners” type policies, as applicable, can be endorsed to include off-premise effects used while engaged in one's profession.

Employees are encouraged to minimize the amount of personal effects used in their work. To the extent that the use of personal effects is necessary in an individual's work, employees should have their own personal fire and “homeowners” type policy endorsed to include items used while engaged in one's profession.