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Now that you have joined the Denison community we are sure you will want to learn something about us. In the pages that follow every effort is made to answer some of these questions.

This Handbook is designed to give each employee a better understanding of the current personnel policies that apply to the Administrative Staff of Denison University.

Most of the policies and practices set forth in this Handbook have been in effect for a number of years. In some instances these policies and practices have been reworked to bring about greater clarity and understanding. Administration of Administrative Staff personnel policies and practices henceforth shall be based upon this Handbook and any newly published supplements. The policies and practices outlined in this Handbook may be revised, revoked or supplemented at the discretion of the University. They are in no way to be considered contractual obligations nor shall any provision be interpreted as assuring continued employment for a definite term. Pronouns where used refer equally to both sexes.

The University recognizes the important part each employee plays, regardless of his/her job, in meeting the educational goals established. These goals can be attained when employer-employee relations are at their best.

It is not the intent of this Handbook to be all-inclusive. More detailed information can be obtained from your department head or the Director of Human Resources. Your helpĀ and suggestions are most welcome. It is our hope that you will find your employment at Denison a satisfying experience.

Employees are encouraged to discuss this Handbook and raise questions or make suggestions. This is not to say every question will be resolved in a favorable way but the probability of finding a solution is much better if the problem is known.