Academic Catalog



General Policies

All administrative staff are exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act as amended. Administrative staff are paid a salary and do not have to report hours worked, except for vacation and sick used.

Direct Deposit

The University provides all employees with the benefit of direct deposit of payroll checks into savings, checking, and/or credit union accounts.

There are many advantages to this program for both the University and for employees. Detailed information concerning the program is available in the Payroll Office. Because of the many benefits of direct deposit, the University requires all new employees, except casual/temporary employees, hired on and after November 1, 1994 to receive their pay through direct deposit.

Salary Payments

Administrative staff salaries are paid on a 12 month basis. Individual checks showing gross pay and all deductions are issued on the 25th of each month, or the last working day before the 25th if the latter falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.

Income Tax

Income taxes as required by law are deducted on all compensation for personal services in accordance with the table provided by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the State of Ohio, Granville Village, and other applicable jurisdictions. W-2 forms, showing total annual compensation and income and social security taxes withheld, will be furnished to every employee and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. 

Social Security

Denison participates in the Federal program of old age and survivor benefits under Social Security. Participation is required of all staff members. The University makes this statutory deduction with a matching contribution.

Payroll Deductions

The University is required by law to deduct Federal, State, local,and school district income taxes and Social Security taxes from your wages. It is your responsibility to advise the Office of Human Resources of any change in the number of exemptions you are allowed or a change in your place of residence, to ensure proper school district and local tax withholding.

Deductions for employee contributions to staff benefit programs are made upon your enrollment and written authorization.

It is the practice of the University to make only those deductions required by statute or by court order and certain other deductions authorized by you and the University such as United Way, rent for Denison owned housing, United States Savings Bonds and special gift contributions to Denison.

Job Descriptions

Division heads and department managers are responible for providing the Office of Human Resources with up-to-date position descriptions. Copies of job descriptions are reviewed and revised as necessary when a vacancy occurs and/or upon the request of the supervisor. An employee may request a copy of his/her job description.

Salary Increases

Attracting and retaining a talented University work force is a key University priority. The recommended increases are based on performance, comparable market pay information, and internal equity considerations. Increases are not across-the-board and will vary according to the above factors.

Annual salary increases are not guaranteed. Each year the University reviews the availability of funds that can be allocated to salaries. when it is determined that there will be an increase, adjustments will normally take place on July 1.

Adjustments other than those based on cost changes in the marketplace and available funding may be granted at other times of the year to correct inequities, allow for promotion, or support job transfers.

Any questions concerning your rate of compensation should be discussed with your supervisor, division head or the Director of Associate Director of Human Resources.


An employee performing his/her job to the standards outlined in the job description, will be eligible for consideration for pay increases as declared. An employee performing below accepted standards may have an increase withheld or may be subject to disciplinary procedures as described in the Employee Discipline section.